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was a Fearless-Eccentric-Suigeneris-Sentimental child full of energy, enthusiasm, and intricately shaped by the philosophies of various thinkers like Lao-Tzu, Nietzsche, Osho, Confucius, Gautam Buddha and many others. I participated in various competitions and won several prizes. It would not be an exaggeration to say I was the apple of all teachers' eye during my school days! It is always very difficult to capture the intangible childhood, however, I have few moments to share:

Represented the First children's assembly of Bihar in 2002–2003, and questioned then speaker of Bihar Legislative Assembly (covered by almost all national newspaper, one is provided below):


I am first from right

Won a number of first prizes for speech, debate, extempore, drama during school days. Represented my school at the district level and the college at the university level in the chess championship. Winner of quiz competition at Bihar State level during my sixth standard.


always believed in expressing an opinion about the societal issues since at the tender age and tried to create a ripple no matter how feeble it may be (however, a lot of water has flown and so my thoughts may have gone upside down). See few reminiscence of past voices opined in print media like Hindi daily 'Hindustan', English daily 'The Hindu', Magazine 'Science Reporter' etc.


the best parable in the monthly magazine "SUMAN SAURABH"

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